New podcast! And a test drive scheduled

Well, big things are happening... I’m starting a new podcast called the Anthem of the Adventurer about challenging and encouraging men to a life of adventurer. No longer using the excuses that we all use like “I’ve got kids” or “I’ve got a mortage” or “I”ve got no time”. Each week, the guest will give the audience (and me) a challenge to do to incorporate adventure into our lives. It’s going to be awesome! If you want to get some updates on the show, or support it you can find out more here:


If any of you would like to tell your story on the show about adventures in your vehicle or otherwise, look up the group on Facebook! We’ve got a few overland enthusiasts in there already and would love to have you join.

Also if you have a story to tell, whip out your favorite voice recording device and record a 1-3 minute tale, then drop the file here:


These clips will be used for the show intro, so if you want to hear your story on a podcast, now’s your chance!


Along with the new show, the Disco II will be my way of not accepting the excuse of “I’ve got 3 kids and a mortage” to avoid having adventure in my life. Just my commute will be an adventure in a Land Rover! :P I’ll be sporting a sticker from the podcast, and with that it’ll be a company car (and tax write off! Woo!).

I talked to the mechanic with the car today and we’ve booked a weekend test drive on 4/20 when they change the oil in my Subaru and check it out for a couple days. It’s happening!!! Anyone have any recommendations for a good source for a repair manual? Are those PDFs on eBay actually the entire thing, or just a rip-off?

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