New Project: 01 GSXR 750

Well I bought this yesterday. Currently the only pictures I have are from the prior owners FS ad. I paid a whole 400 bucks for a clean title, partially running and riding 01 GSXR 750. Similar bikes with similar mileage in my area are 2200-3000 bucks. Prior owner wanted 1000 bucks, I talked her(yes her) down to 600 online. Then in person offered 400 and she took it.

Illustration for article titled New Project: 01 GSXR 750
Illustration for article titled New Project: 01 GSXR 750

It’s currently spray painted silver. I’ve got it’s clean title in my hand.
It has a sputtering/hesitation issue. I’m planning on pulling the throttle body, fuel rail, injectors, pump and tank. Going to get them all professionally cleaned and I have a feeling the issue will be gone.

Going to remove those god awful swingarm extenders and put an extended swingarm on it. Going to strip it for powdercoating. Get the frame, new extended swingarm and wheels powdercoated. I’m thinking satin black.

I’ve ordered a set of fairings, mirrors, air ducts(you can see in the 2nd pic its cracked, below the mirror). Going to fix her up and make her my new bike for next year.

I’ve ordered pads, rotors, chain, new grips, levers, gas cap, seats, front turn signals(doesn’t have any turn signals front or rear), undertail(basically cleans up the rear end, gives me a left and right rear signal, plus brake lights).

Powdercoating is going to cost me 300 bucks. Sandblasting is going cost 200. The tires don’t look it in the pics but their actually relatively new. My plan is gloss black body work. Alot of guys around me have bright colored standard for the bikes year paint work. Plus I like a more subdued color. I’m just going to black out the bike and enjoy it.


So far I’ve got 400 for the purchase, 500 in powdercoating, 260 for pre painting gloss black fairings, another 500 in parts, 50 for fuel system cleaning(friend is doing it).300 in a used 6inch extended swingarm. So thats 1900 ish in parts. I have another friend doing the engine rebuild. He owes me a few favors. So beyond parts(which are apart of the 500). I won’t need anything, unless something is wrong inside the engine.

My friend that owes me some favors, owes me them because I haul his few cars he buys a year for free. So he’s paying me back by rebuilding my engine. Going to have 1900 bucks in essentially a new 01 GSXR 750.

I’ve got all kinds of parts showing up in the next 2 weeks. It’s cold here, but according to the monthly weather shows it’s going to start warming up. I have an insulated garage to work in, but the windows in it are those old school window slats(like blinds but a window) so it does get cold in there over time. It’s partially stripped now. The old spray painted fairings are off, the swingarm is off, the wheels, tanks off, engines on it’s way out.

Going to try to in the next week get the parts to the sandblaster to strip. Then over to powdercoating. I wanted frame and so on to be a little different than the gloss black body work.

Yes I know extended swingarms change the riding dynamics of the bike. I did ride a much newer 750 that was stock and under moderate acceleration, the front wheel wants to lift up. The 6 inch extended swingarm is there to help stop that.

I’ll update occasionally with pictures, if I remember to take any while working on it.

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