Brought home a new project the other day because apparently I don’t have enough already.

It’s an 80's (haven’t bothered to check the year yet) Honda XR200R, and the story behind it is this; My friend picked it up from a local scrap yard that was closing, so he got it for free. Initially he planned on taking the engine out, and using it as a base for an upgrade to his 200x, then give the rest of the bike to me. I happened to have an autoclutch ATC185 motor at home that just needed assembling so I planned on dropping that in and having a cheap little beat around bike.

It took me a while to go pick it up, so my friend had a good amount of time to pull the engine apart and inspect why it wound up in the junk yard in the first place. Initial inspection revealed that the cam was shot, and there was a bit of water in the top of the cylinder, nothing too terrible.

When I finally went to pick up the bike, my friend told me I could take the motor as well. I asked him if he was sure and he said, yeah, just didn’t think the upgrade was worth the cost to rebuild. So I took it home and immediately tore it apart in an effort to rebuild it. This is what I found.


Looks good from the outside.

Potato pic, but damn that cam is pretty flat. Knew that already though. Good thing I just happened to have another one laying around waiting for a future build!


Valves are a little rusty.


Oh, man, little worse than I thought.

Forgot to take pictures, but a dremel and a wire brush cleaned that up pretty well, and a valve lap seamed to seal them up pretty good again. Fingers crossed... It also had a stuck piston ring and I got impatient trying to remove it and wound up breaking it. It has an odd bore size (66.75mm measured) that I cant seem to find a matching piston and rings for, so I ordered the closest $20 set that I could find (66.5mm). That was probably a stupid idea, but I was trying to keep this super cheap. I threw the 185 piston and cylinder I had on it, and I’ll likely wind up ordering a new piston/rings and having it bored, unless for some strange reason the rings I ordered fit well. It also needed rocker arms, which once again, I had sitting around. Hooray for spare parts!

After the engine was squared away, time to crack open the carb.


Pretty sure it’s not supposed to look like that...

Eeeewww, old gas is nasty.


Still, I think with a good cleaning it should turn out alright.

The bike still needs a few parts to be ride-able, all new cables, brake rebuild, rear hub, sprockets/chain, hopefully nothing electrical, and over all it probably wasn’t worth rebuilding, but I’m a bit crazy and enjoy bringing things back from the dead. I’m hoping to have it at least fire by the end of the weekend, and then the rest of the parts ordering can continue.

Have a vintage add as a reward for making all the way to the end.