This vehicle’s been in my family for a while. 16 cylinders, and rear-wheel drive. A barn find, not currently running. I’ll be documenting my rebuild here on Oppo, details after the jump.

Such depth of field...

Okay, it’s a 2002 Hot Wheels RC car, and the remote is long gone. I’ll be disassembling this one completely and then swapping in a new control unit so I can drive it with a replacement remote. I may or may not upgrade other components too.

This car meets most of my project criteria in that it’s:

  • RWD
  • Mechanically Simple
  • Cheap
  • It looks fast
We need these flame tread patterns in full-size cars.


This car also has a functional steering rack, though no suspension. The vehicle will be disassembled and all parts will be labeled and documented, then rebuilt to modern spec.

I’ll post updates as I make progress on the teardown and eventual rebuild. Here are some more “before” pictures of the car. Potato-level photography, but an epic car nonetheless. Enjoy!


No rear overhang...
But a huge front overhang!


TWO supercharged V8s and fenders that cover less than 50% of the front wheels.
Fully exposed rear wheels, like the Acura NSX Pikes Peak EV.


It’s also rear-engined (the electric motor sits behind the axle it powers)

Teardown begins tonight, updates will be posted along the way. Maybe with better photos. Happy wrenching!