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New "project" Oldsmobile Cutlass. BAT post-buy rundown.

Illustration for article titled New project Oldsmobile Cutlass. BAT post-buy rundown.

If you think you can buy something from BAT sight unseen even with extensive pics be prepared to find glaring obvious shit they should have mentioned or could have fixed in 5 minutes. So far there has been nothing serious to really anger me though.


The first issue is the AC. In the BAT post it says it has “dealer installed AC” and I assumed that it was working. It has what I think is a bad compressor. When the AC clutch is engaged it can stall the car and gets so hot that you cannot touch it.


Tail light was out, easy fix. The steering wheel is off center. Two easy fixes that you would think a Dealership would have done when it hit their lot.  

The intake was completely fucked up. They put a non ram air filter in that which is taller. The stud you screw it down on wasn’t, and would have been able to be, screwed in you couldn’t even see it the filter is so tall. The springs to hold the top section down were missing. Basically when I drove it to my garage I stalled on a right turn because the entire thing flew around in the engine bay. A trip to autozone the next day solved most of those problems. IDK why a dealership would have kept it like this. Any test drive would have been a fail.

There are tears in the driver seat you cannot see in the pics and that are not mentioned. I also didn’t notice the driver side carpet condition in the pics. It definitely needs replaced as it has two major tears.

When I get the remaining intake parts I need to fix it completely i’m going to get the AC fixed at a local vintage AC shop.


The clutch pedal is like 3/4 the way up to my knee and the engagement is immediate. I have never driven a car from this period with a manual transmission but i’m sure this isn’t right lmao. I basically have to sit in this thing with one leg raised off the ground to drive it. I am going to see if it can be adjusted, i’m sure it can because it’s ludacrous, and do that this weekend.

Other than this I am pleased with the purchase. I’ve had WORSE luck with cars but still it remains that something bad could happen. The fact that basic things like the wrong air filter were in this car i’m going to fully do all maintenance this weekend.

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