It’s been a busy two months, one of the people working for me had a royal screw up with the local PD and I can’t continue my business any more so I liquidated my assets and I’ve been working at a valvoline instant oil change while I figure out what direction to head in next. It’s deifnitly time to move to a new city/state maybe I’ll try to sell cars somewhere with a lower cost of living or something like that but as of now there’s no opportunity in my northern Colorado town and I’m having an existential crisis.


The girlfriend is visiting from Atlanta and that makes life a lot more bearable but recently I came outside one morning to see my rust free, never before dented 300d with a massive crumple in my drivers side rear door. This is basically the nicest thing I own and my pride and joy representing hundreds of hours of my blood sweat and money and There was no note and none of my neighbors have cameras, fuck living in a college town! I don’t know a single thing about bodywork and after the whole fiasco I can no longer afford to pay a shop for this on my shit oil change salary so I figure my only option is to track down a blue door somewhere. That should be fun!

I also picked up this 83 Honda CB550 from a friend for $50, I couldn’t say no to $50 and he dropped it off at my storage shed. I have everything except the engine and driveline off of the bike and I have new carbs and starting/ charging system but information on this fairly rare bike has been proving incredibly difficult to find. Are any of you oppos in Colorado a wizard with wiring harnesses because I’m not looking forward to making my own which is increasingly seeming like my best option. Sorry for the novel but I haven’t posted in a long time and I have a lot on my mind  


(The big boi is mine)

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