New radio in the Subaru and packed for a 700 mile drive tomorrow!

On Thursday my new Alpine stereo arrived in the mail from Crutchfield and I immediately got to work on the install. It was a relatively straightforward installation, just had to solder together the wiring harness to the new unit and then swap the stereos. Pulling out the old unit was mostly fine except for the stripped screw on the mounting bracket. I was able to drill a hole in the screw though and then using a tiny self tapping screw, force the bigger screw out. Other than that issue, the whole process was easy.

My stove/workbench showing off my mad soldering skillz
Out with the old...
... And in with the new!

I still have to figure out where to mount the microphone for phone calls but otherwise install and setup is complete. Bluetooth works flawlessly with both my POS Samsung J3 and my girlfriend’s IPhone X. Also, I think that this stereo sounds much better than the oem head unit, even with just the stock speakers. 18w RMS is not a whole lot of power but for stock speakers that is a nice upgrade.


Anyways, car is also all packed up and ready for my trip to Utah tomorrow. Should be about a 10-11 hour drive to the SLC area. Basically I’ll just be on the 15 the whole way which isn’t all that exciting but at least the mountains are pretty interesting. Things should get more scenic in Utah for sure. I’ll be exploring more interesting places over the couple of weekends I have there as well.


Just need to put my suitcase and hiking gear in the car, get to bed early, and then I’m on the road hopefully before 5am!

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