And by "playground" I mean "the best 'wheeling/farting around spot that's close to town".

Some of the other ads in the current Ram TV campaign have looked familiar, and I thought they might have had some scenes filmed in my area. There's obviously also quite a bit of CGI going on in them, so it was hard to say for sure. The Ford Fusion ad where it flies off of a cliff looked like familiar country, too. Turns out I was right.

Now, TV & movie filming in my area is pretty busy for a smallish city. Stuff like the A-Team movie, Firewall, and 2012 were filmed nearby. However, the other night when I saw the ad above, I knew exactly where it was, down to the exact hill. In high school, my friends and I used to drive around that area all the time in 4x4s, dirt bikes, or more often in shitbox cars. I once tried climbing it in a 2WD '81 Toyota Pickup. I had an old couch in the back that I meant to take to the dump the next day, but instead, a couple of buddies rode in it "for traction weight" while I climbed the hill. It was doing good until a big bump ejected the couch, along with the friends. They were okay, but the truck didn't make it up the hill.

Anyway, I decided today to go back to that hill, and I have some dashcam footage of my attempt to climb it:

Nope, I still didn't make it. My Sierra has a locking diff and BFG All Terrains, but they're bald, and the truck's only 2WD. Guess I need a Ram.