New Renault Twingo configurator is online

And it's a miser's paradise. You will not believe what my favourite configuration doesn't have.

Of course I can wait for Renault's dinky little arse engined, arse drive shopping cube, it's just that I want one NOW. So I had a gander at Renault Deutschland, and sure enough, they let you configure one. Choices are limited, and that's exactly how I like it. Minimalism rules OK, so my preferred version has:

  • No automatic - can't even get one now; there'll be a double clutch 6sp later
  • No airco - if you need it, there's one for €790.-, but where I am going we don't need no stinking, complex, weighty airco
  • No metallic or special paint - this was hard. The Dézir red is very dezirable indeed, but €590.-. The pastel blue is a nice homage to the Twingo's remarkably similar 4CV ancestor from the '40s, but a little too girlish even for me. White's alright and free.
  • No satnav - Renault gives you the choice between a smartphone or tablet holder, and throws in a free app. Did you jot that down, competitors?
  • No stickers - call me a stickler, but I feared that the Twingo would only come with the somewhat twee stickers on the shoulder line we've seen so far. Not so, and it looks strangely pleasant without them.

It does, alas, come with electric windows, a radio and some trip computer doodads which the absolute base version doesn't have. That version, though, doesn't come with the more powerful and frugal 90 hp engine.

There was also a suggestion that it could be specced without power steering. Given the lay-out, that would have been practical and severely cool, but alas...

One thing to bear in mind is that the Germans are notorious for their frugal specs, so it may not be available in such pure forms in other markets.

Otherwise, have at it- what's your favourite spec?

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