New Renault Twingo will be rear-engined and rear-wheel drive!

Wow! I nearly spat my lunch out when I saw this appear today, but Autocar are reporting that the new Renault Twingo will feature a rear-engine, rear-wheel drive layout. If this happens it will really shake up the small car market and give a super-affordable rear wheel drive car option to many young people and driving enthusiasts in general. Here is Autocar's video that went up this morning, and a link to their website article.

Autocar Renault Twingo Article

We can only wait and see if this really happens, but if it does I'll be getting a test drive and writing an article on it sometime in the future so I can let all you guys across the pond find out what it's really like.


EDIT: Check these out!

Kookanoodles wrote a good piece on this and the Smart Roadster earlier today that's also well worth a read: Dear Smart and Renault, Please Bring Back The Roadster and the Wind

Also, Zac Estrada wrote a much better piece than this quick thing I've done over on Jalopnik: 2015 Renault Twingo Is The Funky, Rear-Engined French Hatch We Need


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