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New Ride.

1993 Diamond Back Viper. This is one of the bikes I got on Monday, it came with no crank, or bottoms bracket. I stole them off another bike. It just needs the wheels tuned up but I don’t have a spoke wrench and my bro in law forgot his. Hopefully I’ll be getting it out on the dirt this weekend.


Also while re-greasing the headset bearings I lost one, but in a 1/1000 chance I found it! Also pro tip. Need to clean up an old chain or bearings? Just dunk them in mineral spirits for like 10 minutes.

The other two from the lot I bought on Monday. Both Haro’s the black on is my new street bike, the red on is for sale. Im giving my old GT to my bro in law, it’ll be his first ever BMX bike. He’s 25. The fourth bike that I got isn’t worth fixing. It was the parts bike that the Viper’s new bb, crank, and front sprocket came from.  


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