Hello Opponauts. I hope everyone is having the Monday they deserve a great Monday!

I have recently acquired a new vehicular unit, and while others may laugh, I have already come to love it. Some back story first though. My first car was an ā€˜89 Oldsmobile Cutlass. I bought it from my grandmother for a cool grande, and treated it well. It ran fine enough, and the red leather interior was a real panty-dropper in high school. Transmission went to crap after about a year, and wouldā€™ve cost more than I had to fix it up. With some savings, I bought a 2002 Dodge Stratus which has served me well since 2007. Iā€™ve put something like 65K miles into it, and have acquired some interesting issues along the way. Fast forward to last week, and out of the kindness of his heart, my old man bought me an ā€˜04 Prius. He knew my Stratus was having issues, and decided to help me out. Iā€™m eternally grateful, and while itā€™s not my dream, itā€™s better than what I had. I mean, it has A/C, and in Florida thatā€™s pretty important.

But, it needs work. A lot of work. Itā€™s only aesthetic, but Iā€™m interested in doing what I can. The big issue is this:

There used to be a decal here for the company that owned the car. Someone appears to have tried surgery to remove the sticker/decal/whatever with a shotgun, and Iā€™m interested in figuring out how to......touch up the area for lack of a better phrase. Iā€™ve got a touch up paint pen from Toyota for some of the smaller dings/scratches. But beyond that, Iā€™ve not much experience. Any advice for moving forward? Iā€™d really appreciate the help!