New Roof Mount

I rolled the dice on a BABABABABUDGET roof bike mount. It’s a Swagman, and it was 44 dollars on Amazon.


I’m so happy that I don’t have to take the front wheel off anymore. My old mount was the fork clamp type where you take off the wheel and clamp the fork drop outs. It took a good 5-10 minutes to get the bike on, and it never quite worked right so I had to put on a ratchet strap as well.

The new one takes about a minute. I think in the long run I’ll get a nicer one for my bike and use this for my kids. I’ve been putting his bike in the car, which is a HUGE PITA. But next year he’ll have a bigger bike as he’ll have our grown his 20”.

Does this mean no more Truck Shopping with HFV. Yeah probably. Unless I find a 2wd, regular cab, short box,hemi, Ram, 2011 or newer for a price I can stomach.... maybe. 

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