I have a problem, Oppo. The seats and/or seating position in my 2005 4Runner are gonna kill me.

I have a base-level SR5 and the seats are bad. Wrong curve for the length of my long back, and what little adjustments they offer only seem to make things worse. On short trips and running about, I have no issue. But on longer trips (300 km or more) I get really uncomfortable. I do 3-5 trips of this length every year.


I’m 800+ km from home right now, and the return trip is going to be rough. I’m genuinely dreading it.

So what are my options (once I do make it home)?

- Do nothing and suffer

- Get a deluxe leather seat from a Limited model. Pros: more adjustments. Cons: not sure it’ll be better, and I would rather stick with a cloth seat.


- Find a compatible and more comfortable seat from another car. Is this even possible?

- Aftermarket seats, which I suspect will be a whole other battle.

- Sell the truck and get something else.

Help me, Oppo!

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