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On Saturday I discovered I have a slow leak in one of my tires, about 10psi in 24 hours. It’s the same tire that 15~20k miles ago I had to put a plug in because I found a big industrial staple stuck in it. The tires are original rubber and have 65k miles on them - there’s probably another 5k or so miles but if I’m going to replace one at this point I might as well do them all.


The OEM tires are Firestone FR710, a T-rated all season. They have been... tires. Really average at everything tires do - they wouldn’t be the worst choice to put back on the car but I think I can do better.

It’s not a race car - a little more grip would be nice but more important are longevity and fuel economy. I also want to an all season tire. I know Oppo’s thoughts on summer/winter tires, but I don’t really have a place to keep a second set of tires. I also don’t want to spend the money, and here in DC it doesn’t snow too much. And I understand the limitations of all season tires - I drive cautiously and if I don’t need to be out or there’s too much snow, I just stay home. Problem solved.


The tire I’m currently thinking is the Cooper CS5 Ultra Touring in the H-speed rating (pictured above). Based on the ratings and reviews, I think it’s going to give me similar life, shouldn’t hurt my economy, and give me a little bit more grip. I’ll also admit that I’m friends with a Cooper regional rep who can get me a good deal, but I’m trying to not let this sway my opinion.

So, thoughts? Other Suggestions?

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