New shoes

Finally found a place locally that actually wanted to sell me new wheels, picked them up today with new tires as well.




Went from 22" wheels with IronMan tires (good tires despite not being name brand) to 20" from a GMC Denali and Michelin Defender LTX M/S. Early review - a little loss of steering feel, which was expected, but the extra 2" of sidewall is definitely smoothing out the crappy Houston roads. I’ll see tomorrow morning how they feel on my highway commute.

Like the look as well. Even though the wheels weren’t standard or optional on the ‘burb, they were optional on the Yukon Denali XL.


Overall pretty happy so far. The place that I bought these from let me trade my 22" for these, so my net cost was about $275 per wheel / tire. Not bad when the tire goes for about $200. I might have been able to get a better deal with each transaction individually, but happy to support a local business and pay a slight premium for the convenience.

[Link to prior post on trying to buy the wheels. If you are interested, I ended up buying from the same place. After the eBay messages I went by the shop, and in person they were great to deal with. I told them that whatever number they list on their website does not respond, the two guys at the counter basically sighed like “yeah, we know, that guy sucks”.]

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