Put new tires on the Pilot yesterday. Yokohama Geolander A/T G015 in 235/60R18.

Had 5 year old Uniroyal Laredos on it that were cracking pretty bad and loosing air.


Drove around today on them. A little nosier and a little harsher over bumps but that was what we expected. They are 3 peak so they should do well in the never ending grey that we get here.

Trying to make small upgrades for towing since the Big Gray Truck is gone now. These have slightly stiffer sidewalls while remaining light and the should do well in the grass and dirt we sometimes run into camping.

Also replaced the leaking control arm bushing with a solid rubber one seeing as Honda wanted $235 for theirs and this one was $55. Much better under braking now.

Also, searching for pilot tires brings up a lot of tires that don't fit.

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