Picked these up a few weeks ago from CL for $200.

I have a brand-new set of snow tires for these wheels, the ones they came with are... well, they’d pass inspection fine. But they are LOUD AS HELL I don’t know if the guy running these just never bothered with rotations or alignments, but they have some serious uneven wear and they will ANNOUNCE that. So, yeah.


The only reason the new tires aren’t on yet, is I wanted to see just how pesky the car would be without TPMS installed in the wheels. It’s just a message on the dash that can be dismissed, and then a yellow light. Meh. I could go either way on that.

So what should I do?

a. Put the new snows on these wheels, ignore the TPMS error, send it. Then sell my factory wheels, get a set of 17's for summer (these and my factory wheels are 16")

b. Put the snows on my factory wheels (they have TMPS sensors already) and use these for summer with better tires - adding TPMS to these at the same time.

c. Put the snows on my factory wheels, sell these to someone desperate for snows that will be better than whatever bald tires they have now, buy 17's for summer (I’d get a set from Tire Rack with TPMS).


d. Do (a) but also have TPMS sensors installed in these 16's.

I’m inclined to use these for winter. I like the look, but would really like a little more wheel for summer, with some good tires. This car kind of floats around on the factory 16's with the tires I had. I feel like it’ll be a little sharper with 17's without compromising ride quality. Tire Rack lists OE diameters up to 19 (!) which I’m not doing; I think a 17 would be a good match.


Something like this:


But holy hell I can’t wait to get these tires off, they’re obnoxious.

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