New Shoes; Like a new car!

I was expecting an improvement going from the factory GoodYear Eagle Tourings to the Generals, but it’s like a whole different car. Just a massive improvement across the board. Quieter, better ride, more confident on dirt and gravel, vastly improved steering feel, quicker turn in, better controlled rear-end, higher fuel economy(!), it just goes on and on... It feels legitimately sporty now, not just “sporty for a small SUV”, but “take it to the mountains and flog it for entertainment” sporty. The suspension tuning feels even better realized with the improved tires, the compromise between ride quality and handling is so well judged... I mean, really, this is great work on Hyundai’s part and I now really know why it is that the Kona comes with Khumo Ecsta 4xs in some markets. It really deserves a better tire than those GoodYears. And now it has them ;) The G-Max AS-05s are great!


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