Went for the Falken ZE914s in the end, mostly due the type of driving I do, and the road conditions around here.

Also, a set (£260/€300/$340) was only half the value of the car, as opposed to the full value that a set of AD08Rs would be.


The trip home and a quick detour over my local ‘shakedown’ road confirmed it was a good choice. Unsurprisingly they were a lot more confidence inspiring that the five year old Rikens that were developing Tumours. The weather today has been dreadful, so a good opportunity to test the wet grip, which seems great, and stable through standing water.

Steering feel is good, and overall the car feels more composed. I’m sure that they aren’t as good as a more extreme for the ultimate in dry grip, but living almost in Wales the actual real world performance is fine by me.