The place where dreams are made faster of my employ recently added a showroom and some office space to our larger structure.

Enjoy some tater action while my insuance company works out my stolen camera claim ha. Gettin’ it out of the way, the BSA 650 is not for sale.

Best coffee table ever? While the owner is a Porsche enthusiast we’re now licensed to sell and service Dinan products w00t! The picture book with our logo highlights a recent Ferrari full service.


BTW we have the F355 Berlinetta in and for sale call anytime : P

Our old front space/ waiting area, while nicely furnished was about the size of a department store fitting area. The new space is a vast improvement to say the least and lets some of our rarer stock look pretty for the public year round. Full disclosure the Porsche’s, BMW’s and so on outside get detailed regulaly as well.


Also for sale. Check facebook for a video of this beast in action.


The prettiest in for service ready out front. It’s just what you do.

Where I work definitely deserves an in depth posting soon because it is truly a magical place that continues to excel because of the passion and raw talent behind the owner and every person in its employment (though I myself am more passion than talent : /). Everyone lives and breathes motorsport.


Bossman’s cellphone ringer is of a Formula 1 car at full chat. I always think someone is watching a cool youtube so I always spin around looking confused.

I consider Oppo as my escape from serious stuffs, like much of the internet. However I realize it would be better if I cut down on the raw emotion and vitriol I usually post and just provide a constant stream of pretty things coming in and out so everyone would be happy, yes?