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New software


Train Sim World, via Steam. I didn’t purchase it before because I thought my system might be a bit weak (i7-3770, GTX 670), but for a little while the price is down from $39.99 to $9.19, so I thought I’d take a chance. Surprisingly it doesn’t run too bad on this old computer; I’m getting frame rates in the 35-45 FPS range most of the time, and according to the color-coded FPS indicator and my hands-on experience, it’s quite playable. I haven’t tweaked any settings, just running the defaults from when it was installed, and they’re fairly high.

Not too shabby, especially given the sub-$10 price.

I should be upgrading the Hackintosh side of this computer next week to High Sierra, and this means I’ll be able to use newer/better/faster/cheaper video cards than the GTX 980 Ti which was the best I could install under El Capitan. I think I can get a decent 6GB GTX 1060 new for less than the price of a used 980 Ti, with the only trade-off possibly being slightly diminished performance on the Mac side, but it’s such a screamer as-is that I don’t think I’m really going to notice the difference.

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