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New steel installed: Updated Fuuuuuuuhhhhccccc

Time for a test drive. Probably have 4 6 hours into this project of replacing all four rotors and pads. Some minor hiccups but not too bad. If I did it again it would be about half the time because if the learning curve.

So it looks like Napa may have given me the wrong rear brake rotors. What is happening is that I can rotate the rotor in the caliper with the wheel off, but when I put the wheel on and tighten down the lug nuts that wheel is locked up tight and rubbing hard on the inside pad. It actually drags the tires across the garage floor if I try to move the car.

I just compared the new rotors to the old rotors and the new ones are >1/2" larger in diameter and have additional offset towards the inside of about 3 mm sooo... I either wait till Monday or go to autozone to see if they have the correct rotors.


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