New steering wheel, new floor, new security feature. And plans for the future.

I ain’t saying what the security feature is. But it exists. That aside, I’ve taken the time to clean up the car considerably, so there’s no debris on the interior now, and had the floor swapped with one from another car. I also had the steering wheel swapped — my friend took care of it for me.


Now, the question that bothers me is this: I’m seriously considering chroming my pushbars and fender guards. But this will clash with the chrome grille I have on the car. Should I swap the grille back to the black honeycomb? I also have a chrome spotlight on the way to replace the black one, and plan to replace the rear fascia and taillights with chrome trim versions.

Ultimately, for reference, first the picture of the day I bought the car, with the pushbar and fender guards already equipped. Now imagine them chromed, with the rubber strips still black.

Now throw this paint job onto it:


Do you think the final version will look good? Black on Chrome, on Black paint, on Silver?

The goal is to aim for a throwback to the 90's kind of deal with the looks.

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