All I want to do right now is leave work, ignore professional and domestic duties, and go home and put on my new wheels using my newly replenished array of tools.

Pictured: Not my car, but close, and with my new-to-me wheels (Photo credit: “RacingManiac” from GolfMk7 forums)

It has been fun getting all the tools needed to readily swap wheels (floor jack, torque wrench, correct size sockets in metric, jack stands, and today a caliper to double-check that the seller didn’t accidentally mix in the wrong length lug bolts since the seller had some that went with a wheel spacer).


I haven’t cared much about wanting to work on my own cars since I sold my Integra 16 years ago, because I haven’t really been emotionally invested in my cars since then, even though I still loved cars. I have generally decided that my time was more valuable than the cost to have others to work on my cars, but now I’m almost curious to see if I decide to do anything else myself since I’ve started going back down this path.

Darn being a responsible person (aside from slacking off to write this).

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