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New stuff always comes with stickers...

At least a sticker is shockingly easy to install. No cardboard creeper. and no suspension of disbelief in your mechanical skills is necessary...

After years of daily driving my still-stock ‘08 FJC I figured 150,000mi on the OE suspension is finally close enough to ‘broke’ for me to ‘fix’ something. Have most of the relevant pieces together already, will take some actual pieces/parts pictures this weekend and make up some before/after install words in a week or two.


1) Bilstein 46-227287 6112 Series Kit w/Eibach 600lb Springs (Front)

2) KYB SM5640 Strut Top Mount (Front)

2) Bilstein 25-227611 Shocks (Rear)

2) Bilstein 11176015 Reservoir Mounting Kit (Rear)

2) Toytec RCC2.0 Superflex 2.0" Springs (Rear)

1) Skyjacker SBE702 Sway Bar Extended End Links, Pair (Rear)

Should be an easy and straightforward swap with the OE parts. Planning to get this done before the upcoming three-day Easter Weekend drinking fishing chilling test run down PINS.

St Patrick’s Day EDIT: I did pull one item out of the box for a quick peek...

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