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New summer wheels

I am back on 2 wheels for this summer at least.

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This is my dad’s ‘96 Vulcan 1500. He never rode it last summer due to increasingly bad knees, so he told me to take it and put some miles on it this summer. I wasn’t going to object to that.

This is my first week with it and the first I’ve spent any significant time on a cruiser. Cruisers make a very comfortable commuter bike and power is adequate. I am surprised how well it does handle corners for its heft, though it’s really easy to scrap the foot rests. This week has been perfect for riding too, mornings in the 60s with highs in 80s and not a drop of rain.


My dad is due to get knee surgery this fall, he’s hoping he’ll be able to ride again next summer, but until then it’s unofficially mine.

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