I went looking through this video for hints at things I don't know and here is what I've found

Things I like:

1. It looks about the same, and has the same greenhouse

2. The interior is SO much nicer.


4. New engine looks physically smaller and mounted far back.

5. D-4S direct/port injection means more power/economy

6. Atkinson cycle (modified) will be good for torque.

7. The aerodymanic front damn looks to be removable to quickly bring back the high chin look and functionality of the 2nd gen.

8. proper sized,sealed and raised intake.

Things I don't like:

1. Still looks like its got some shimmy in the bed, more than than a canyorado might.


2. D-4S means potential longevity issues with carbon buildup on the valves.

3. I could be wrong, but it looks like this isn't a version of VVT-iw that would allow for Otto and Modified atkionson cycle valve timing, meaning its just Mod. Atkinson...meaning hp wont be more than...say...260.

4. Ford Econoline dash vents.

BONUS: picture time

The rest I will just have to wait on.

Looks like the V6 revs to 6 grand, and the trd model gets a locking rear diff. Stoked about crawl control as well.



Yes, that IS an integrated Gopro mount

I'm not sure what the button next to the USB AUX is though...Wireless phone charging?