Well...I’ve done it again. Finally fixed the blown up Subaru STi I bought and got bored. So I bought the cheapest motorcycle on Craigslist which also happens to be the same relatively unknown bike I owned through college which also happens to be the bike Luc stumbled across some time ago.

I treated myself to a cheap lift table to make things easier. It’s amazing. The bike is a 1982 Yamaha XZ550RJ Vision. It was actually fairly ahead of it’s time but had some issues and is now viewed as bit of an oddball.

So far I’ve:

  • Removed the ignition cylinder to try and find a locksmith to cut a key for it
  • Ordered multiple petcocks from different bikes in hoping I can make one that works better and has readily available parts
  • Found a series of holes in the fuel tank patched with JB Weld. Will be grinding that off and welding it up properly.
  • Broken down the carbs and begun cleaning. I’m experimenting w/ cutting gaskets using a Cricket (it’s some thing for cutting paper my wife uses for crafts)
  • Suffered multiple swings of buyer’s remorse and new project euphoria

I’ll let you know how it goes. (Probably not well.) Still haven’t found its fatal flaw that lead it to be parked. :/