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New tire bliss and whatever happened to 90k tires?

So I have a Ford Escape. It’s a good all around decent car for a commuter with a large dog and teenager - It’s big enough for our crap, it’s almost rugged enough for my driving, the gas is ‘ok’ and I didn’t spend 60k on it. I live in Southern California and there is hardly ever any weather. I was told last year my tires are toast but I kept procrastinating. I had a nail in my tire about 6 months ago and had to replace two of them (because they bald and can’t be fixed).

Well it’s December and we’re finally experiencing some weather. It rained a lot and I was having trouble on the freeway and going up backroad winding hills. So I finally broke down and paid 500$ to replace the two other bald tires that were sitting on the front. I got a congratulations on my thriftiness for using tires to their full life lifetime.

Now, after a full two weeks of driving in the rain with bald front tires - I feel like I’m INVINCIBLE!! Yes, I can actually turn without feeling like I need to come to a complete stop and I ain’t afraid of that puddle no more. It’s a liberating experience.

But while we’re on the subject, didn’t tires use to last like 90k miles? How come my tires only went to 50k? I feel like tires have become more expensive and shittier. Is 900 dollars about right for the replacement of four tires on an escape?


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