New Tires

Got new tires installed on the Ranger today.

All-Weather. Mountain Snowflake rated.

These are replacing the General Tire Altimax Artic tires I had before. The reason I’m replacing them is because the front tires are dry cracking badly and only have 6/32nds tread depth left, while the rears were still good with 9/32nds left. I did not want mismatched tires as the tread difference was causing handling issues (understeer). The reason for the tread differences was because I bought them in pairs at different times. The first pair I bought at 4000kms in Dec ‘11, installed on the rear. The second pair I bought at 13000kms in Oct 14 installed on the front. I left the old tires on the back to induce natural oversteer in the handling. I should have put the new tires on the rear so as to level out the wear and didn’t rotate the tires until summer 2016. But with the more worn out and older tires on the front it understeered quite badly.


So October ‘18 30000kms 4 new Toyo Celsius 225/70R15 , hopefully these will handle better. Winter performance will be determined this winter. I will try to keep up on rotations. My only concern is how long they’ll last as the first Altimax’s lasted 7 years (DOTs 4611) before dry cracking, the Toyos have 3015 DOTs 😥.

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