For the garbage I drive for work

I hate this car. Just ticked over 48k kms this week, and they’re toast. It’s been feeling twitchier on the highway over the last month or so, this past couple weeks have been downright concerning depending on conditions. The rears are okay, definitely worn, but evenly at least. The fronts are awful, but mostly the outside edge. I don’t know why Toyota would design it this way, but the inside of the tire looks perfectly fine while the outside is practically bald. Like the reverse of tires on a stanced car. I’m hoping they’re buying half decent tires for it, since we’re taking them to a better shop now instead of the assholes at Kal Tire. The stock tires are awful, Bridgestone Turanza EL400s.

Badly reviewed, as they should be. Significantly worse than the 10 year old Yokohama Advans on my Subaru. Like way worse. They put Matrix Tour RSs on the Hyundais, and those are awful tires, but the last car to get tires actually got Pirellis......all-seasons I think. Hopefully I get those, and not the godawful Tours.


Here’s the Subaru when I first got it, to make up for the clusterfuck of the Yaris front end.