So I've been looking for some new tires for the soon-to-be-mine SAAB 9-3 that I'll get from my grandparents. They have snow tires on a set of steelies, but also have a set of alloys that don't have any tires on them. Since I'll have those snow tires, I don't need no-seasons and can opt for summers. I haven't asked exactly how much money my parents would be willing to spend, but realistically $250 is the max.

Here are my requirements:

  • Not terribly expensive ($250 MAX)
  • Last a while. I don't want a treadwear rating of 100 and then have to replace the tires in two years
  • Relatively sporty - while I don't want track tires, I still want a little sportiness and the option to take them to the track once or twice
  • Decent wet grip

I don't care if I'm purchasing tires designed for last year, I just want the best value.

My question is, what are the best tires that follow this? Any personal experience?

Tire Size: 205/50R16

That's the car ^ up there. Here are the wheels: