New Tires Recommendation - UPDATE

Hey guys! Tire question time!

Well if you remember, last month I asked for advice on tires for my daily driver 2007 Mercury Milan V6.


You guys all gave great advice and I thank you for it. Not only that, I'm going to ACT on it. Unlike most of the "recommend this" or "what should I buy" that which largely goes ignored despite OPPOs recommending stuff until they're blue in the face.

So I'm going with General AltiMAX RT43's. These are going to be year round All Season tires, and they seem to have great snow traction, which is awesome for flat as a board typically snow covered Michigan.

But I have one more question. Now this screen grab is from TireRack, but I'm probably going through Belletire, who has hooked us up on a number of occasions, so I owe them one back.


So, here's the question:


They have a T-Speed Rated and an H- or V-Speed rated tire. There's a whopping difference of 2 bucks.

The T Speed Says it's a 92T, 700 A B tire, the H/V Speed is 92H and 700 A A

Which one's better? Am I EVER going to notice the difference? No the Milan does not see track time, but it does deal with cold temps, snow, and crappy roads.


Thoughts? I mean if the T is a real improvement, why not pay 2 bucks a tire more? It's not like these things are 200$ a tire or something.

EDIT: Just found out the T spec has a 75000 mile warranty and the H/V has 65000 mile


Still interested in your thoughts though!

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