So just having just two cars in the family wasn’t cutting it for meeting all of our car needs, especially since I’m working during the summer and going to college in the fall. Both my parents not being enthusiasts resulted in me borrowing my dad’s Honda CR-V for the last couple of years, and now I don’t have to sneak away with his keys all the time.

In April, my dad decided to surprise me by showing up after work in a 1999 Acura CL (5 speed stick!), that he apparently picked up for $1200. It’s the first car that actually belongs to me and it’s my intro to learning how to drive stick, so needless to say, I’m pretty excited.

Here’s some first impressions:

- It’s pretty low on power (it’s the 2.3), and combined with rev hang that lasts for approximately 30 years (kidding), driving quickly is proving to be a challenge.

forgive me for taking this in portrait :(


- So far, I’ve been getting around 25 mpg, which is respectable, but I hope can improve once I get more proficient driving stick.

- It feels like I’m driving a freaking boat: The body roll makes me feel like I’m piloting a whale, and the long wheelbase results in a turning radius that a literal boat could probably beat.


- The paint is oxidizing on the hood, which becomes very noticeable in the sun :(

Other than that, I have yet to find out any other quirks. In the meantime, school me on Honda engines of the 90's!