Afternoon Oppo!

Let’s start with a picture

What you have above is a beautiful example of a 94 Ford Ranger. I picked it up a 2 weeks ago as I was looking for a knock around little truck. I have a Ford Flex which pulls a trailer fine for things like hardware store trips and buying motorcycles (I collect and rebuild them).

When you pull up in a nice flex with leather seats it kind of undermines a low offer on a crappy non-running bike. As well I’ve always loved Ford trucks and have been wanting to put less miles on my Flex anyway.


Enter beater 94 ranger with a 2.3 4 cyl (making a mind blowing 98 HP) and a 5 speed. It’s in shockingly good shape for the area and has almost no rust (for St Louis).

A trip to the junkyard and a rockauto order should have me sorted out and get it in decent shape.


Things already done:

  • Tiny 14" wheels and ridiculously small tires replaced with 17" explorer wheels and 245 tires (looks like a truck now)
  • Interior cleaned (god it was bad)
  • Intake fixed -it had the stock airbox replaced with a pod filter for MOARRR SPEEED! (And many misfires due to missing sensors and general shoddy work)
  • Couple electrical gremlins fixes
  • Parts Ordered for other things...

Things needed:

  • New exhaust -it was in ok shape from the muffler back, but had lots of booger welds and was missing the cat and has an awful leak. It’s easier to just replace the whole thing below the manifold than match pipes after putting in a cat
  • Rear brakes- front are in alright shape, but one like to the rear was broken and blocked off. It’s only about $50 in parts for new drums, shoes, and hardware. Worst part will be bending a new line...
  • Couple more electrical gremlins tracked down and fixed

After the above it should pass inspection and be ready to rock

Here are a couple more pics (these are from the seller, I haven’t taken any yet)