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New (to me) wheels

Photo from ad because I’m too lazy to take a better one
Photo from ad because I’m too lazy to take a better one

I was jealous of everyone else getting new rides recently so I bought this Ridley Noah carbon road bike (year unknown). Super light (at least by my standards). Some wear, but it seems pretty superficial. Ugly URL on the seat stays (no idea if they put that on everything or if it is because this was apparently originally purchased at a discount for a charity event, so maybe they wanted to get some extra promotion in), but the price felt pretty good based on what I was seeing on Craiglist, so I can live with it.


Only mechanical issue I’ve seen thus far is that the rear brakes were apparently adjusted in the “open” position, so closing them locks the rear wheel. Shouldn’t be a big deal to loosen them. Certainly in vastly better shape than my last cycling purchase: New vehicle acquired

Sadly today seems to be a crappy day weather wise, but maybe I’ll take it out for an inaugural ride tomorrow (I did do a quick test ride before buying).

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