Kind of a quick comparison between the two, the new Metabo on the left, and the trusty old Bosch on the right. Both are 115mm/4 1/2 inch models.

The Bosch is a GWS710, their lowest end ‘professional’ model only sold through screwfix. Cost £35 (and I probably should have bought a couple of them as they’ve been discontinued now). The Metabo is the W 9-115, the second lowest in the range, and the cheapest German made model. I paid £63.50 Inc. Delivery. All prices including 20% Tax.

The cheapness of the Bosch is apparent in a few areas, the cable is a standard PVC type, the guard needs a hex key to adjust and the blade locking is a bit vauge.

The Metabo is better in this respect, with a nice Silicone type cable, tool free guard adjustment and a nice positive lock. Gearbox is a bit larger though.


The Metabo is noticeable larger in general, both in length and diameter, the Bosch being easier for single handed use.


In use both are good. The Metabo does have soft start, but that’s not a major plus on a small grinder for my kind of use. Virtually all the cutting discs I use are the 1mm ones, which will slice steel like it’s butter. With a grinding disc the difference in power is a bit more apparent but it’s not major. Both run smoothly in comparison to a lot of the no name models. The power cables are the same length- ‘plenty’.

Both have switches set up for a righty, which suits me. As for longevity that remains to be seen, the Bosch is about a year or so old and has taken the general abuse (mostly from being borrowed...) well. We’ll see how well the Metabo holds up, but there shouldn’t be any problems.

In conclusion, the Metabo is better than the Bosch, but the Bosch is (or was) a real bargain for the price. Certainly nicer than the cheapo ones which seem to have crept up in price in the last few years.


Gut Winkelschleifer!