By which I mean, post Clarkson, Hammond and May. I haven’t watched any of it until tonight, on Netflix. I’ve watched 47 seconds, and already I want to punch Chris Evans in the face.

The other hosts are cool. But this guy, Jesus Christ, shut the fuck up. I know he’s gone by now, but I probably won’t watch it again. Sabine is great, Matt is Joey but older so you can’t hate him, Chris is great, but that’s when he’s Chris Harris On Cars, superb wheelman talker or Goodwood guy, and not Chris Harris, Top Gear guy. They’ve managed to make my favorite (current/non Peter Egan) automotive journalist short of Sam Smith overly dramatic and wrecked him in editing.  Chris Harris is a better driver/presenter than Top Gear will ever show. So, ah, pass, I guess? I’m pretty far behind the times on such things.