Ah convertibles, the joys of open air driving while getting sun burnt, a lack of structural roof over your head and the inevitable fabric decay.

Pollen stains, wear marks around the windows, holes along the back window seal. Discolored. Gross.
Don’t worry I trimmed those boxwoods.

Difficultly level: 7/10 - not higher because a lot of the work was tedious or awkward positioning. Sitting in your back seat, over the back, underneath a glass window creates a nice greenhouse effect.


Day 1 was the removal process, taking pictures of where everything went (took 45 less pictures than I should have taken). Sunburn.

Decade old spider


Day 2 was purchasing an EZ up and working in it while it rained. Trying to figure out all the little differences and techniques. EG: using the liquid cement to tack the top to the tack strip, bolt it down, back it out bringing the positioned top with it to staple.

Pobably a lot easier as a two man job but I’m stubborn. It’s not perfect but I did save myself somewhere near $1k in cost and would have been trying to find every little imperfection.


Overall 9/10 pleased.

Cat/Dino tax: