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New Toy

In terms of cars, I’m pretty lucky. I have no financial investment in my vehicle at all. Maintenance, insurance, and even gas are courtesy of my parents. However, there are some things I have to pay for if I want or need them. This little guy (and its associated data charge) is one of those things.

It’s an Apple Watch Series 4 in Gold Aluminum with Cellular and the 44MM screen. It was an open box at Best Buy, and my local store was selling it for $386. Retail is $529, the original open box price was $439, and current Apple products are rarely on sale. I was able to get my 8+ 256GB for $750 (when the payments are done) instead of the retail $950 at this store. At the time, no where else was doing under $950 on those phones. This is the exact configuration I wanted. Yes, it was a lot, but it was a good deal. Definitely the right place and the right time. If y’all have any questions, please let me know!


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