TL;DR - they sound great and they’re wireless bluetooth headphones.

Pros: wireless; sound quality is good, will probably only upset audiophiles who are used to talking about how they like a particular resistance for headphones and what kind of tubes they like to use for their amplifiers and shit; there is an included cord so you can plug in if you really want; USB-C charging; feels like nice plastics and “leather” for the earcups, is sturdy without feeling heavy; noise cancelling is solid, I’d say on par with my Bose QC25s

Cons: the headphones have touch controls on the right earphone which don’t work very well since it doesn’t always register what I want to do; batteries are not removable like my Bose QC25s, and a single swappable AAA battery is preferable to the built-in rechargeable; the price is eye-watering


That said, I got these with some bonus credit card points so I didn’t have to pay real money for them, I guess. Just being able to walk around and do stuff around the house without catching the cable on anything (which happens very frequently in my place) is incredibly liberating.

The headphones have a more pronounced bass than the QC25s; I’d say they’re at least as bass-heavy as the PSB M4U2 headphones I used to have, although I feel like it’s probably a bit more. Sound is clear otherwise, I don’t feel like the high end is lacking.

If you have cash to burn, I’d recommend these! If you don’t, then don’t! I think for pure audiophiles you’re getting into some really nice wired headphones (or whatever other equipment you’ll inevitably need) and I think for people who want wireless you have other great, cheaper options. However, from what I’ve seen, a lot of nice wireless headphones are coming into this price range (which is scary) but without having tried the chinesium Amazon knockoffs I’m not sure how much Sony is trying to fuck us over.

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