Stuff that most people don’t even think about for a car.

Poorboys, Black Hole. Filler polish for black cars (I don’t like using this as it’s a lie, it temporarily masks and hides swirls and fine scratches, I like to give an honest result when I clean).

Poorboys, White Diamond. Gloss enhancer for white cars,

ASdam’s. Rubber Mat & Liner Cleaner (cleans and restores a natural rubber lustre),


Adam’s, Undercarriage Spray. To make the inner wheel arches look fresh and new and

Adam’s, H2O Guard & Gloss. A good any temperature sealant. Spray a little on a damp towel and wipe into a panel then buff with a dry cloth. Comes into it’s own on dark coloured cars in warm, hot or direct sunlight. 

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