So since I got a flat rear tire yesterday while my car sat parked at work, I decided the fronts looked good and I was just going to do the rears. So I decided to stick with the Nitto NT555 G2s I have since I like them

Poor Flat

But this morning we get the new tires in at work and I look and them and knew right then and there I needed to do the fronts too. So those will not be here till Monday. So the new ones are going on the rear wheels on the front and the front wheels and tires are going on the rear so I can burn them off this weekend. It’s going to be lots of fun! I will video.

Nitto NT555 G2
Inside the tire


Working with tires as part of my job you can tell quality from feeling the inside. And I was suprised to feel the inside of the Nittos were as nice as Michelins. THough the big difference is Michelins are smooth on the inside as are other higher quality tires. But these are great tires and I like them.