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New Watch - Not a Snail but Confirms I Run Slower than a Snail

After being a “serious runner” for about 15 years (last 3 have been on and off, mostly off), I finally bought myself a GPS watch. I’m still on the fence about if it will be a useful tool or not, especially at home. I know the distance to most my local loops, and even some places out of town. If I don’t, I am pretty good at estimating or logging into map my run to plan out a course. Also, I have a pretty good internal speedometer (paceometer?) so I typically know how slow I’m going.

All that being said, I am a nerd and I do like data. I’ve ran twice since I’ve gotten it and it’s been a fun new thing to play with. I went with the super basic forerunner 35 (close enough to 4runner to make this car related). I really want the super high end 945 for its built in maps and turn by turn directions. This will be super handy when I’m traveling again and go for a run in a foreign land. Alas, that will not be happening for a while, and a scored a great deal on this watch since it has recently been replaced. If I end up liking it, I’ll snag the high end watch when it goes on sale.


Anyone else on here run with a GPS watch? What are your thoughts and has it actually helped improve your training? I am to the point where I’ll prob never PR again, but I think the data will at least keep me engaged.

Not an Omega with a Ferrari wheel but will have to do
Not an Omega with a Ferrari wheel but will have to do
Image: Spambot’s iPotato 4

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