This morning I got up stupidly for a 320 mile round trip to pick up my new to me weekend toy, I’ve been wanting a classic car for awhile now and my dad has been in the process (which has grinded to a halt for the past 6 months) of fixing one of these up that I was going to have.

Due to how long it was taking I ended up finding this one in a more complete/roadworthy condition meaning I could be on the road sooner, so welcome to my Triumph TR7, currently it has a slanted 4 cylinder but that is being replaced with a Rover V8 as I’ve been wanting a V8 for quite some time now and want to get one before the world goes nuts killing off petrol.

Time for a couple pics;

The body kit will be removed as it’s awful
A nice wooden Mountey wheel with plenty of junk to go with it...
The slant 4 which will be removed for more cylinders

It wont be staying this colour for too long, will be a big change in the new year but want to get it on the road to drive a v8 asap

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