Also, a new forklift attached to those wheels. Its a 2019 Western Prowler P55, and its the new best friend of my Freightliner 114SD.

For the last nine months I’ve had a rotating cast of 2006-2008 Princeton Piggybacks, which are good machines, but this thing feels like a damn Cadillac compared to those.


Its about 150lbs heavier, it’ll lift 500lbs more, and I really haven’t used it at all yet. I had very little to do at work today, so they sent me to our main lumber yard to pick this guy up. I delivered some LVLs on my way back, but didn’t get a real good idea of how the machine works compared to the Princetons. 

Its quieter, its a LOT more comfortable, and everything on it just feels tighter...though I guess that can be attributed largely to this:

Two hours on the meter. It came off the truck from California, they offloaded it, and it sat and waited for me. My previous lift had something like 2500 hours on it.

Its weird, but I’m almost looking forward to going to work tomorrow to see what it can do. I’d rather stay home, but I’m dreading work less than usual, so thats something.

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