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Due to the unfortunate incident with a screw, my Star Specs were murdered and I am now living the two sets of wheels life for the track. For my street wheels, I picked up a set of like-new stock 15 inch wheels for $175 and finally got around to installing them this weekend. Aside from the exterior mounted wheel weights (stupid jackalope that put those on!!) they look pretty sweet I think. I was concerned OEM wheels might look odd on a lowered, track prepped Miata. But its all good!

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Three of the tires are halfway decent Yokohoma S-drives which are a 300TW summer tire. They have acceptable tread depth to drive around, although the rubber compound is harder than I would like, indicating they probably have some age to them. My one right rear tire is the best Star Spec that I had left since I was a cheapskate and just got that mounted to make the wheels drivable. I will pick up a nice new set of 4 tires in the springtime or if one of these tires starts losing air or wearing oddly. 

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