New wheels - opinion

Looking at new wheels for the ‘burb. Currently have 22" that came on it when I bought it used, when those tires are done I’m going down to 20". Want the extra sidewall for smoothing out the rough Houston roads. Looking at theses replica GMC Sierra wheels:

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Thoughts on OE Wheels LLC as a place to buy? They seem to have decent reviews and good prices. Other ideas? I think these wheels are probably commodity enough that I’m not that worried about quality issues.

As for the 22's, thinking I may try to sell them to a local place that does curb rash repair. I went there to repair the dinged up 328 wheels before I turned it back in at the end of the lease. They did a great job, and the shop looked like the type of place that may buy / sell wheels also (clean enough that I felt safe being there, sketch enough they would pay cash for some sweet 22's).


I’m open to ideas on selling these also (don’t particularly want to deal with CL).

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