Got a new windshield installed in the RX7 today at the dealer (done by a third party but they do it at the dealer, plus I got a loaner so I could actually go to work). It’s very good. I can see out of it!

The old/original one didn’t have the tinted strip at the top, and while I’m not certain it looks as good with it, it’s certainly an improvement when driving. I took a cool picture in front of the dealer I’ll share on here at some point, too.


Bonus RX7 news: The A/C works reasonably well on the highway. I still need to up the charge (had a lot of trouble getting it to take refrigerant for whatever reason and I know it’s low) and hook up the thing to bump up the idle when it kicks on which is, of course, vacuum-operated, so I can use it other than on the highway.

Bonus picture: After work I went for a drive with a coworker in his MGB. We assumed the standard British Leyland State along the way (the idle kept adjusting itself up, which is weird).

Note the open hood.

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